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Integral Events Management 360


25 años

1992 - 2017


We take charge of all the details, from the beginning till the end..

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Events Planner

Roberto o Ángeles

+34 699924185 

-34 608499789

"The life is too short as not to live intensely, dreams and turns your dreams into a beautiful reality " 

Carpe Diem

Nothing is impossible

About us

     Our job is to turn dreams into realities, projects into emotions, ideas into sensations, for this we have been working for 25 years to perfect our work day by day.

     We are Roberto and Angels, the managers of this project that started being a dream 25 years ago and today, continues to contribute us the same: hopes, hopes, thrills and joys that then with the only difference that we are 25 years more experienced.

     We have a highly trained team where each one of them, brings the necessary synergy so that we are all one at the time of realizing this project that together we will make a reality, having excellence as the only goal.

     We have been working for years creating and organizing events for both public and private institutions. Our powerful responsiveness makes us a global producer, covering practically all the technical and logistical needs of a big event.

     Dream, imagine and we will create the best possible spaces for you and your clients or citizens.


     Contact us and explain what you need. We will offer you options that will make your job easier.

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